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Suffolk Garden Room Gym

No need to drive to the gym, no waiting for the treadmill or weights machines, no need to work your schedule around the Gymnasium opening times. Instead, just pop across the lawn for a workout, any time of day, 365 days a year.

Because all Woodbridge Garden Rooms are built with building regulations in mind, they offer year round occupation and very little maintenance, this allowing those of us who require extra fitness levels to keep our training regime on schedule.


Granny Annex Suffolk

Our Garden Rooms are completely bespoke with any bathroom or kitchen suites you may desire installed perfectly in your annex.

If you require extra accommodation and would like a turnkey solution, then we can manufacture and install a Garden Annex to your specifications. (Full Building Regulation Compliant).

Garden Office Suffolk

Every year, more and more of us are choosing to work from home, and while it’s an enviable lifestyle choice, the distractions of home life can make it difficult to be as productive as we might like. A Garden Office is the perfect solution.

A separate dedicated, professional environment to work in, with all the benefits of home right on your doorstep. Like any work place it’s somewhere you’ll be spending a great deal of time, so it’s essential that it’s both comfortable and suitable for purpose.


Suffolk Garden Playroom

A warm, dry and safe place for children to play in the winter that’s just seconds away from the house. Our buildings offer the best insulation on the market, which means your playroom will maintain a comfortable temperature all year round. So, while the children are having fun, Mum and Dad can enjoy a little ‘me’ time. Monitoring systems such as CCTV can be fitted if you wish so you’ll know exactly what the children are up to!

Garden Music Room

If you’d like to create the perfect environment in which to play or record live music we have the expertise to create buildings with outstanding acoustic performance. All our garden rooms have natural soundproofing because of the layered building insulation we use. However, we also offer enhanced levels of acoustic performance.

Our garden music rooms maintain a comfortable temperature all year round. Special insulation panels help keep them warm in winter and cool in summer. We also offer full climate control that enables you to heat, cool and control the humidity of your garden music room.

Art Studio

If you’re running an art or craft business, or you’re simply a keen amateur artist, you may not have the ideal studio space in your home or you may not wish to give over a whole room to your business or hobby. Our garden art studios can provide you with a dedicated, purpose-built space.

Building your garden art studio from scratch means you can position the building anywhere in your garden in order to capture the best light.

Your garden studio will be fully insulated in order to provide a dry, safe and comfortable working environment, whatever the weather.

Suffolk Garden Rooms

Create, read, listen, pamper, or just dream, we can all benefit from a little time and space. Whatever you’re doing, whatever the time of year, it’s your warm and cosy haven from the noise and bustle of everyday life. Our garden rooms are built specifically for you and the things you love.

Each garden room is designed and made to be fully bespoke, flexible and inspirational. It can therefore be positioned to capture an amazing view, or to be discreetly out of sight of your – or your neighbours’ home. Throw open all the doors, and open the generously-sized windows and it’s a relaxing, light-filled summer room.

Studio with storage

Even the smallest gardens need a place to store tools, patio chairs, bikes etc. Studios with storage mean, even if you have a small garden, you can have the best of both worlds. We can provide that garden room, office, games room, art studio, playroom or gym you’ve always wanted… and a dry, secure garden store all rolled into one!

Why not contact us and we’ll help you create the perfect bespoke ‘studio with storage’ solution. All our storage spaces are fully lined with O.S.B (orientated strand board) and are left completely air tight. Other finishes are available which you can discuss with your designer. Whether its just to store the lawn mower and garden equipment, or perhaps to store the family bikes, these hidden spaces are a perfect solution to compliment your garden room where extra storage space is required.

Games Room

Sport, computer games, snooker, pool… it’s all a bit of a man thing. A fact that can drive the women in their lives absolutely crazy! So gentleman, why not give your partner a little ‘me’ time while you disappear to your very own garden games room and let off some steam!

Invite your mates round for a game of pool or table football, play a game or two on the Games Console or chill with a few beers in your games room and settle down to watch the big match. You could also make room for some gym equipment or use the space to store your sports gear so it’s not cluttering up the house.


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