Replacing a Conservatory Roof with a Solid Timber, Tiled Roof?

Boiling hot in the summer, freezing in the winter, deafening in the rain … a conservatory can be a wonderful addition to your home, but they do not always acclimatise very well to weather.

One possible solution to this is a solid conservatory roof – which, thanks to a change in the law in 2010, is now easier to add to your conservatory. But you must get the work done properly to ensure the walls and frame can bear the extra weight.

Timber Tiled Roof

Timber tiled roofs are the perfect option for homeowners looking to replace their conservatory roof with a solution that offers lasting value, beautifully traditional aesthetics and modern standards of performance and design.

Complying with Government Guidelines and Building Regulations, these roofs offer a practical to install and environmentally friendly home improvement solution. As an all-round design, our timber tiled roofs allow you to offer a new addition that excels in thermal efficiency, sound insulation, weather proofing, aesthetic, and build. They suit any type of home, whether it is modern, traditional, period of heritage.

Are you looking for a new, bespoke conservatory roof or a replacement roof?

If you are looking for a conservatory roof solution, our joinery can design and manufacture a replacement conservatory roof to your exact specifications. If your existing conservatory roof has suffered from damage, weathering, age, or other environmental factors then we can help. Our conservatory roof systems can breathe new life back into your conservatory, or it can give it a whole new look. Some people simply do not want to replace an entire structure because of a failing roof, this is where we can help.

For those looking for a solid tiled orangery or conservatory roof in Suffolk to gain the full benefit of their conservatory all year round, then Woodbridge Carpentry offer the ideal roof. Our timber framed roofs are used for both new builds and replacement conservatory roofs.

Each one of our tiled conservatory roofs is individually handcrafted. We use a lightweight traditional timber structure and incorporate a beautiful vaulted ceiling. We fit a full internal plaster finish and the option of opening skylights for added light and ventilation. Giving your conservatory a lightweight Warm Roof and a bright and airy all year-round living space with unique style and character.


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