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Woodbridge Garden Rooms Building Explained

Providing You With An Efficient All-Weather Solution

We build very high quality, energy-efficient garden rooms, offices, studios, lodges and buildings which utilise the best thermally efficient materials, creating buildings which do not need large amounts of energy to heat or cool. Your building is ready to use any time of the year – even in extreme weather – and it won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

SIP Panels – Timber Frame or Steel Frame

Structural insulated panels (SIPs) are a modern composite building material. Our SIP panels are made from two layers of the best quality 11mm OSB (oriented strand board).

Timber frame is a tried and tested build route for the UK, so if they can build houses form it then you know its more than adequate for your garden building. We use c16 CLS timber 90mm and 140mm depending on the spec desired. We dont use thin flimsey wood / studs like many well known garden room suppliers.

We Use SIPs or c16/c24 timber or LGS Steel Frame

A well-built structure using will have a tighter building envelope and the walls will have higher insulating properties. This means fewer drafts and reduced operating costs.


In the following table you can see that increasing thickness increases thermal performance but the improvement in U-Value is diminishing:

Thickness: 100 U-Value: 0.27
Thickness: 125 U-Value: 0.21
Thickness: 150 U-Value: 0.17
Thickness: 175 U-Value: 0.14
Thickness: 200 U-Value: 0.12

Construction time can be reduced compared to a traditional brick wall building because Timber Frame / SIPs work as framing, insulation and exterior sheathing, and are made on site to meet the needs of each bespoke project.

The panels can be used as roof, walls and floor – the latter being particularly beneficial when used above an un-insulated space.

The total life-cycle cost of a building constructed from Timber frame or SIPs will usually be cheaper than a block wall one and some even achieve 40% life-time savings.

Foundations & Walls

We use many different style foundations due to many different ground conditions. We can easily cope with sloping sites, soft ground, or concrete.

Available in various thicknesses, our walls are the best on the market. We use the same C16 timber that is used to build timber frame houses.

SIPs, Timber frame, LGS Steel buildings are more environmentally responsible, energy efficient, strong, quiet and draft free than the majority of traditional construction methods.

Roof Covering

EPDM Rubber or Single Ply PVC membrane are 100% cured single ply roofing membranes offering superior durability. This material has a life expectancy of 50 years and is an inert material with limited environmental impact, offering unmatched resistance to ozone, UV radiation and high or low temperatures. Other green options are available including living green roofs, metal clad, lightweight slate and Eco tiles on request.

Breather Membrane

All timber walls are wrapped in a specialist waterproof breathing membrane. This membrane acts like a one-way valve and allows natural moisture to escape out of the building – but prevents moisture from entering the building.

This waterproof membrane is manufactured to BS4016, and is installed to the outside face of our the structure. This waterproof, but vapour permeable, layer protects the internal timbers from any water ingress, such as wind driven rain, that may find its way across the cavity between the exterior cladding and the internal timber frame. At the same time it allows any moisture vapour trapped in the panels to escape – hence allowing the structure to “breathe” naturally.

External Cladding

Our various sustainably sourced, high grade timber cladding options are the most popular among our available cladding range.

Western Red Cedar is what you find on most examples however we have other timbers available, as well as composite cladding. If you have seen a type of cladding you like then inform us so we can build you a bespoke building you cant wait to show your neighbours.


Any configuration of high quality doors and windows are available, from both our aluminium and PVCu suppliers.

Argon filled double glazed glass units are standard in all doors and windows, providing U-values far exceed building regulations and help maintain high levels of insulation in your building. Acoustic glass options are available.

Internal Finish

We believe that when you walk into a building, it should be as if it was another room in your house – this means fully plastered and doesn’t feel like a porta-cabin or pimped shed with badly designed jointing strips on the inside and out, cover strips and gaps around the ceiling. The walls look and feel solid, clean and warm and can be painted whatever colour you require if desired. As standard we install 8mm laminate flooring with a medium colour wood grain. Primed MDF skirting helps give the room its clean modern feel.

All buildings are finished with a quality plaster skim finish and 2 coats of emulsion as standard.
We are also keen to hear your ideas regarding your preferred internal wall finish, whether it be anything from a driftwood wall to a beech ply wall covering please discuss with your designer.
Your building will also come fully wired and certified by a qualified electrician with the number of sockets for power, TV and internet configurable to suit your needs.

Floor Covering

Woodbridge Garden Rooms offers a number of choices of floor covering to compliment the design and use of your building, as standard we fit laminate flooring.


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